Our Farm

Organic & Bio-dynamic

Jungle Farm


      • Our property is part jungle, part food forest, part bio-dynamic farm, all learning centre…

      • A living and working space that we are proud to share with the world in always expanding ways.

We are located in the Southern Caribbean on the Atlantic coast of Costa Rica, between the town's of Cahuita and Puerto Viejo.
Our closest human neighbour is about a kilometre away, and all to the East of us less than 2km away lies the protected Cahuita National Park, with the ocean just on the other side.
Historically, this zone has been the heart of cacao territory in the country, home to a native variety of cacao known to be one of the absolute best in the world.

Our space is a model bio-dynamic farm and true cacao jungle, the latter having been left in its "abandoned" state by design so that the jungle may thrive and forest return once more, and the former diversified into a sustainable food-forest environment.

Native Cacao Trees
Distinct Varieties of
food forest plantings
Medicinal Plants on site

Bio-diverse & Sustainable

We like variety.

Our farm was once forest... and about 100 years ago cacao, and later banana, was introduced.

Today, in addition to over a thousand cacao trees and dozens of banana, we have planted over 220 different varieties of fruit trees, herbs and medicinal plants.

    • We are not only an organic, bio-dynamic cacao and banana farm,

    we are a Food and Medicinal Forest.