Experience all the life of the chocolate forest.




Nature's jungle, the diversity of plant and animal life that help to form a sustainable, whole ecosystem, balanced, beautiful...
This is the same, unique environment that harmoniously intertwines with and accentuates fine cacao.

Taste it in our own exceptional cacao. In our artisan chocolates.
Experience the life behind it all in an educational visit or a tour, a workshop, course or a peaceful stay with us... Welcome!

The Chocolate Forest


We are a bio-dynamic farm, a sustainable learning and living centre.
We are world-class cacao processors and chocolate makers.
We are your source for Costa Rica's top native, organic cacao and chocolate.
And also a great place to visit for the day... or stay a few or more!



A Fruit & Food Forest and  
Jungle Apothecary with hundreds of
Organic Cacao and Banana,
and over a hundred varieties of fruit trees.


Artisan Chocolate

Made with the most exceptional cacao,
pure, real chocolate.
Experience it on directly from our workshop
or delivered right to your home.


CACAO / cocoa

From our own farm and those of others from all over the country, we process and distribute the best the country has to offer.


Visit or STAY

Join us on an educational hike,
a tasting tour, for a workshop or course...
Stay for a day or a few,
weeks or months... Welcome!

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Import our top-quality cacao, or enjoy some of our chocolate.

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We have a variety of ways to learn more, visit us, stay with us, and experience the life of the forest!

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Experts in Sustainability

Sustainable Living
Sustainable Agriculture
Sustainable Cacao Trade & Processing


Experts in Cacao

We are national leaders in the cacao industry
with over a decade of experience refining
and perfecting our practice.



We specialize in the people
behind all that we do -
farmers, the local community, our customers.

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